My Quest for a Canadian Master’s Degree

  Many of you have asked us questions about life as a newcomer in Canada. Some are about making the landing, finding housing and getting a job. Others have asked about the best universities, programs and student residence; wondering what to expect and how it is to live away from friends and family and living […]

IRCC tweaks its policy to support international students

COVID has caused several kinds of disruptions. International students in Canada are not exempted from it. They have had many uncertainties to deal with, including not knowing how their future will pan out in Canada. Some of these are about the online study period in Canada and the post-graduate work permit (PGWP). The Immigration, Refugees […]

Wondering How to Get a Work Visa for Canada?

Canada has a very open and welcoming immigration policy. It is rich in natural resources, which places the country among the top few developed countries. Canada recognizes the need to welcome more immigrants to grow its economy and has very immigrants friendly policies. Besides, it also looks at temporary foreign workers to fill skills gaps […]

When Should You Consider Immigrating Under Canada Investor Visa

Avantika and Sandeep, Kiran and Kaveri. They were a foursome who have been together in school and college. When Avantika started talking about them moving to Canada, Kiran and Kaveri started thinking about Canada Investor visa. Though both had similar profiles, there was one major difference in their professional profile and, the goal for their […]

How to Apply for Express Entry to Canada?

It took Avantika and her husband a little over three months to obtain permanent residency and to arrive in Canada. That is because they did their research well to understand the requirements for Canada express entry process. The first thing they did after they decided to immigrate to Canada, was to check Canada express entry […]

My Journal during COVID-19

It has been three weeks into lockdown here in Toronto. Life, as we knew, has changed completely. Did anyone ever imagine that the whole world will be together in this crisis? That all countries, all people will face the same enemy? That what is happening in other countries, countries that are far away from us, […]

How do you Greet a Person in Canada?

How do you Greet a Person in Canada? This is your first time as a resident, in a foreign country. Now that you have settled down, you are eager to get out and meet people. It is natural to have butterflies in your stomach. You are apprehensive about who you are going to meet, how […]

When You Are in Canada, Dress like a Canadian

When you arrive in Canada or for that matter, in any new country, there are many things that you have to learn. And unlearn. The quicker you understand the nuances of your new place, environment, the easier it is for you to integrate into it. One of them is how you present yourself and interact […]

How are International Students Coping with COVID-19 Crisis

COVID 19 has been devastating. For everyone. Even more so for international students. As universities and colleges are forced to lockdown, many residences shut down too. As libraries are closed, classes suspended and roads deserted, international students are feeling secluded more than ever before. For them, living away from family was always difficult. Once they […]