How to Apply For Express Entry to Canada?

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It took Avantika and her husband a little over three months to obtain permanent residency and to arrive in Canada. That is because they did their research well to understand the requirements for Canada express entry process.

The first thing they did after they decided to immigrate to Canada, was to check Canada express entry eligibility criteria. Once they got that, they found out how to apply for Express Entry to Canada. They looked up details on the net, checked with friends who had walked the journey earlier. This helped them understand the Canada Express Entry process step by step. Also, they were able to know how many years it takes to immigrate and how many points were required for Canada PR.  They jumped into action once they understood the course of action and express entry requirements. First, they put together all the required documents. Then went over the process step by step filling the application to enter the pool of prospective immigrants.

As you would have guessed, they faced no delays or hurdles since they had done their homework well. It took them just about two months to receive their permanent residency status from the moment they submitted their documents to the express entry pool. Within the next month, they had made their landing in Canada. It was easy breezy for them! And it would be for you too if you understand how to Calculate points for Canada PR.

Canada welcomes immigrants through multiple pathways

Applying for a Canadian Permanent Residency is easier now than ever as Canada looks to welcome 1.3 million new permanent residents between 2018 and 2021. This target will be achieved through the country’s various economic, family and refugee and humanitarian immigration categories between 2018 and 2021.

With multiple pathways, most of them working under Express Entry, the chances of an eligible candidate being accepted and invited to immigrate to Canada are high. “Under this plan, Canada will welcome more talented workers with the skills and expertise our economy needs, reunite more family members…..” Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Ahmed Hussen, said in a report.

Permanent residents is not the only way to work in Canada for foreigners. Skilled foreign workers can come and work in Canada under a temporary work visa. Businessmen and entrepreneurs can also come in under a start-up visa program and launch their business in Canada.

How many people immigrate to Canada each year?

The below graph gives a clear picture of the immigration numbers to Canada.

What is Express Entry?

Express Entry is an application management system implemented by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for specific economic immigration programs, including the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, Canadian Experience Class and a portion of the Provincial Nominee program.  As the name suggests, the system is meant to streamline and speed up the immigration process. It is not an immigration pathway but a system to manage the immigration application process.

How to Apply for Express Entry?

Express Entry is designed as a competitive immigration system where immigration- applicants are ranked based on specific criteria. The Canada express entry points calculator helps one to calculate the scores or points that they can get for each of the eligibility criteria that they meet. The requirements include educational qualifications, profession, language skills, age, etc. An express entry Canada draw is held every second Wednesday to determine eligible candidates. Though it is called a draw, it is not a lucky draw where lucky names are pulled out. Also, the draw may not happen every second Wednesday; sometimes, there may be a gap between two draws.

Express Entry is a robust system where a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is used to determine the CRS scores of applicants. The applicants are ranked against one another, and the best ranking candidates are invited to apply for Canadian permanent residency. The minimum CRS score that an invited candidate has obtained becomes the cut-off threshold for that particular draw. The minimum CRS score may change from pool to pool.

Express Entry system takes away a lot of guesswork. In the pre-express entry era, there was no way of knowing where applicants stand in terms of their applications until they heard from the IRCC. It was difficult to know how many years it took to immigrate to Canada or why one’s application was rejected. That element of suspense is removed by the Express Entry system. And the process is quicker too. The IRCC says that it takes less than six months to clear most of the completed applications. Moreover, because the requirements are spelt out clearly on the IRCC’s website, it is easy to

What does it mean to you if you are exploring immigration? It means that the government is putting in place a more liberal and transparent system, with multiple pathways to welcome more immigrants to the country.

The new system also helps applicants know where they stand, whether they are eligible to apply for immigration and whether or not their application will be accepted. They can check their eligibility status and know how many points they get and how many more points they need to be successful applicants. Before submitting the application to enter the pool,  Applicants can improve their chances by adding points through more work experience, additional education qualifications or by acquiring skill sets and language abilities.

1. Canada Express Entry Process Step by Step

canada express entry process step by step

There are two ways to find out if you are eligible for an immigration pathway that is part of Express Entry.

Answer a few questions

The easiest one is to answer a few questions online on the IRCC website. These are general questions that will determine your eligibility for the three immigration programs under  Express Entry. Each of these programs has different requirements, and by spending about 15 minutes answering these questions, you will even know which programs you may be eligible for. You need to answer all questions and be as accurate as you can.

The questions are about the nationality, age, language ability, family members, education, work experience and details on any job offer you may have from a Canadian employer. If you are eligible for Express Entry, you will receive a detailed list of instructions on what to do next, including filling out an online profile.

Based on this profile, if you meet the requirements, you will be put in a pool of candidates for immigration, and possibly invited to apply to immigrate. Here you could also use the federal skilled worker points calculator or about the Federal Skilled Trades Program and the Canadian Experience Class

Read up about the requirements to determine if you are eligible

The second way is to read the specific conditions for each program and decide whether or not you are likely to apply and under which application. You can even compare all three programs here.

The three  immigration programs covered under Express Entry are :

Federal Skilled Worker Program
Federal Skilled Trades Program
Canadian Experience Class

In addition to these programs is the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) under which provinces and territories recruit candidates from the Express Entry pool to meet local labour market needs. However, provinces and territories may also recruit immigrants outside the express entry program to meet their unique labour market needs. That is another option for an applicant to consider once he or she is clear about their Canada express entry eligibility. Supposing, one cannot garner sufficient points under Express Entry,  or are better qualified to meet the requirements for the PNP, and feel that they stand a better chance under the PNP. PNP is an excellent option to apply for. This program is as crucial as the Express Entry and deserves a dedicated article.

2. Get your documents ready

Congratulations! If you are in step 2 of the Express Entry process, it means that you are eligible to apply.

Step 2 involves two steps. One is gathering all documents and creating your profile. The second one is uploading these documents and a few others. If you qualify, you will receive an invitation to apply for permanent residency.

Gather all documents that you need certain documents at different stages of the Express Entry application process. These documents are not required to be uploaded when you submit a profile. However, if you have successfully crossed the other steps and receive an invitation to apply, you’ll need to upload copies of these documents.

3. Find out how much money you need

At this stage, it is also wise to consider the financial expenditure on the entire process and calculate how much money do you need to move to Canada. You will need to spend on obtaining documents, having them translated into English if they are not in any of the Canadian official languages, making copies, and getting them authenticated by an authorized person or an organization.

Check here for a list of documents you need to create your profile .Once you create your profile, you will receive an invitation to apply for permanent residency if you qualify for it. It is then that you upload copies of the documents you used to create your profile (check the link above).

Besides, you may also have to upload the following:

police certificates
medical exam
proof of funds

The two previous actions were sort of preparation steps. In those steps, you checked whether you are eligible to apply for immigration to Canada. Since you were eligible, you went ahead and gathered all the required documents for creating a profile.  The next step is where you submit your profile. You may check your score before submitting your profile too.

4. Receive an invitation to apply for permanent residency

IRCC selects candidates for sending out invitations to apply for permanent residency based on their CRS scores. IRCC then invites candidates with the highest scores from the pool to upload the application, and they have 60 days to apply for permanent residence.

How many years to immigrate to Canada? The IRCC says that it takes about six months or less to process most ‘complete’ submissions. After that, you will be given a specific period of time within which you have to make your landing in Canada.

5. Apply for permanent residence

Now that you have read about the steps involved in applying for immigration to Canada under Express Entry, which is the most common and accepted way, begin your journey to Canada. Go back to step 1 and answer a few questions online. Good luck!