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Welcome, let’s chalo!

Chalo Toronto is where we share information about immigrating to Canada. We want to be a part of your immigration journey from the get-go! With the experience of immigrating with children and settling down, we have a repertoire of helpful tips to give you. To help make your journey smooth and effortless.

Who are we? We are a small group of recent immigrants from India. With strong connections with our birth country, we have lived experiences in both countries (and a few others) that we share through this site.

Why Chalo Toronto? Many of our family members, friends (and their friends) ask questions about Canada. Now and then, someone would ping to ask, “how to..?” or “What..” or “Why..?”. We realized that with collective experiences, it was no brainer to provide information and resources to them. Of course, sometimes we have to reach out to others, do a little bit of research, and contextualize it.

When we started curating these questions and our responses, we realized that we had a good repertoire of information. Information that could be useful to anyone looking to immigrate to Canada. We wanted to share our experiences and knowledge on a broader platform. That’s the reason why “Chalo Toronto” was born.

What is our purpose? We want to motivate and support parents looking for better education for their children, students looking to study in Canada immigrants, and everyone else looking for an excellent, safe and welcoming place to raise a family and have a better life . If you are in any of these groups, you are in the right place.

On Chalo Toronto, we share information about understanding the nuances of the culture, finding support, navigating the systems such as education, banking, health care, job market, and settling down to a peaceful life.

What do we bring to Chalo Toronto? As immigrants, we have lived the lives of an international student, a single professional woman, parents supporting children through their school and university education, finding a job, meeting people from the same community, and building professional and social networks. It is a full circle of life, if you may. We have collectively spent over 50 years in Canada and have very informative experiences to share with you. As a team, we mirror your journey, be it still considering, or decided or even arrived in Canada.

A disclaimer is in place here. We are not licensed immigration consultants. As such, we are not authorized to provide professional and legal support for your immigration process.

Please use the contact form to ask us your questions about anything about Canada. It does not matter what stage of the immigration process you are in. Whether the thought of immigrating just came to your mind or have already done some homework, we are here to answer your questions.

Chalo Toronto!