About Us

Chalo Toronto has its genesis in the journey I undertook, with my family, to be in Canada – to study, to work, to live.

We are recent immigrants from India with strong connections with our birth country and a few other countries in between.

During the time we have been here, many of our family members, friends (and their friends) ask questions about Canada. They often message or call to ask, “How to …?” or “What …” or “Why …?”

While answering their questions as best as I could, I realized that it would be a good idea to put them all out on a website to benefit a wider audience. Of course to do so would mean reaching out to experts and put in a lot more research to contextualize things and point out resources.

If you are a parent exploring higher education options for your child or a student wanting to study in Canada or someone looking to immigrate to Canada, then you are in the right place.

This site is an attempt to share that lived experience with you. My hope is that it will make your journey a bit easier than ours. I will flag the pitfalls; nudge out the nuances and present news that you can use in the best possible way. I will be honest and keep the hype out.

And, that calls for an important disclaimer. I am not a licensed immigration consultant. I will neither be providing professional or legal advice nor solicit any business from you.

Please ask any question you might have about studying in Canada or immigrating. It does not matter at what stage of decision making you are at. Like they say, a second opinion always helps.

Connect with you soon.

Sandhya Ranjit

Sandhya Ranjit