Why Should Canada Top Your List of countries to Immigrate

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So many questions come up once you start thinking about immigration.

Starting with the fundamental question: Is it worth the trouble? Of leaving everything behind and moving to another country? Am I ready to do it now? Would the family be okay with it? What about the job, what kind of job will I get? What level of employment? And the support, will I get any support in the new country? These are only a few questions that cross your mind.

Conversations always add value

A dialogue with friends and family is a good idea. Such discussions always help you get different perspectives that will aid you to make the right decision.

Then there are other things to think about. Things like which country is the best to raise a family? And which one provides affordable, quality education for your children? You do want to invite your parents and family to visit and perhaps live with you. So consider which one is open to parents or extended family joining you once you settle down. Do thorough research before you zero in on the country you wish to go to.

What criteria should you consider?

Several countries welcome immigrants. One of them is Canada. Now, should Canada be on top of your list?

Many factors add up to build a good neighbourhood, city or country. It is a collective of multiple things that affect your daily life. Things like finding a job, how easy it is to commute, housing, schooling, playgrounds, safety, healthcare, air and water quality and social security, these and more go on to make a place a good place to live in. Canada scores well on all these counts. And, reason enough for you to consider Canada as your number one destination to immigrate.

Five factors that are in favour of Canada

Canada is ranked 9 in Social Progress Index by Social Progress Imperative, a not-for-profit organization in its 2019 Social Progress Index.

Here is a list of five things about Canada that will convince you to consider it as your top destination country.

1.Stable and healthy economy

The health of a country’s financial status has a direct impact on the quality of life of its citizens. It dictates the standard of living, levels of social security provided by the government, quality and affordability of education and health care, among others.  Look at it this way: A weak economy will have an impact on employment rates in the country and will not serve your purpose if you cannot get a job that matches your experience and qualification. Also, the country cannot provide good healthcare and social security. The standard of education may be a tad lower than what you would want it to be. These are aspects that make life good or bad.

The Canadian economy is strong and robust. It is an affluent country boasting of natural resources which is valued at $33.2 trillion. That makes it the third richest nation on earth in natural resources. These traditional sectors provide adequate economic security to the country. It has a healthy banking system and a thriving service industry. Not to forget agriculture and the seafood industry that is helped by the fact that it has a long coastline. The strong banking system keeps the economy rolling that helps in employment generation.

2. High level of government transparency

Canada practices a parliamentary system of government like that in the United Kingdom and is a constitutional monarchy. It is a confederation of ten provinces and three union territories. The country ranks very high in government transparency, as well as economic and social freedom. English and French are the two official languages at the federal level.

It is a member of several international organizations such as the United NationsNATO, the G7, the Group of Ten,  the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum.

3. Affordable School and University Education

Most immigrants move to Canada in the hope of building better lives for their children. One of the main things that they consider is access to quality education.

There are public, private and Catholic schools. Education is free at the public schools that the majority of students attend. There are several options to choose from for post-secondary education that include community colleges, private colleges, and universities. Moreover, the education system is very flexible, allowing one to combine courses to learn different skills and topics that will help keep students motivated. Post-secondary education is affordable, especially when compared to that in the neighbouring US, and has spurred an influx of international students to the country.

4.Free state-of-the-art healthcare

Canada adopted the universal healthcare system in 1968. Under this system, all residents are provided free healthcare services. The country boasts of a very good network of healthcare providers and hospitals, some of which are doing outstanding research work.

5.Mosaic of cultures and unity in diversity 

Canadians are very peace-loving people. It is no surprise that the Global Peace Index of 2018 has ranked Canada 6th most peaceful nation in the world.

In 1971, Canada adopted a policy to promote multiculturalism, which paved the way for waves of immigration. Today, Canada no doubt, is one of the most diverse nations in the world in terms of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Home to over 40 ethnic communities, it is a “mosaic” of cultures where multiple cultures and languages come together and create this great mosaic.

It is a unique experience to see people from so many different ethnic backgrounds and to hear them speak multiple languages.  This is very visible in Toronto, which is referred to as ‘the most multicultural city in the world!’ Walking around in one of the streets of Toronto is like going around the world while standing still.

Canada is not only multicultural, but it is also very inclusive. All are treated equally, irrespective of their race, colour, gender and orientation. Women form a significant portion of the workforce and the country is a strong supporter of its LGBTQ community.

Canada boasts itself as a mosaic of cultures. And that is intentional. It wants its people to maintain their own culture and language. The country is also very family-friendly and has many schemes to help families visit and immigrate to live with their children.

Considering all these factors, won’t you choose Canada as your number one country to immigrate to?