Keep Corona Virus Away

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  1. There are some very credible resources that guide you on how to protect yourself against the novel Corona Virus. Read as much as you can from your school or the university and follow their tips.
  2. You might be sharing a house with friends. This is good in the sense that there is someone who can take care of you and similarly, you can take care of someone else in your house who might be sick. But before that, it is essential to ensure that you or your housemates do not fall sick. Maintain all hygiene protocols.
  3. Ensure that you wipe all surfaces, the shared kitchen space, bathroom with Lysol or another disinfectant before and after use. Do not share personal belongings. Do not touch things unnecessarily and definitely not touch your hair and face.
  4. Most students would be working part-time, mostly in restaurants and grocery stores. Ensure that you wear gloves before you handle things, try to stay away from groups of people and wash your hands before and after handling things.
  5. Stay away from crowded places and avoid travelling in public transport.

Drink lots of fluids and do not panic. Focus on maintaining personal hygiene, wash your hands, wipe bags  after returning from outside, stay away from groups of people and try not to go out if it is not required.