Immigrating for Better Prospects is Not New

Immigration is not a new thing. From time immemorial humans moved from one place to another in search of food, water and safety. Or simply to explore new places and things. Today the compelling reasons include education, job prospects and better quality of life. The situation is no different though the process is. Now you cannot just move into a different country and settle down for good. You have to go through an immigration process as it is regulated.

That leads us to countries one can emigrate to. Several countries welcome permanent immigrants who can bring value to their economies with their education, skills and enterprise. Top of the list are Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Germany. There is also Brazil, while the US and UK remain dream destinations for many.

Which country you choose to immigrate to depends on many factors. How easy and quick is it to immigrate, what are the job opportunities for your skills, what are the social services that a permanent resident or a citizen is eligible for and more importantly, how welcoming is it to new immigrants and their extended families.

Do Your Homework

You are taking a big step deciding to leave behind everything that is familiar to you. It is not going to be easy to move away from familiar people and start afresh in a new, unfamiliar surroundings. It is important that you take the time to do your research. Talk to your friends and family, ask for advice and references, and be sure that it is the right move for you.

Best countries to consider if you are emigrating from India.

Many countries welcome immigrants, and under multiple categories. It is easier to move as an international student because the process is faster and simpler. It is expensive and really depends on the individual situation. However, in recent years, Germany has emerged as a preferred destination for many Indian students while the US and the UK continue to be hot. For now, we will focus on countries that actively welcome skilled immigrants – not only students – and support them to integrate into their society.

Make the Move at Right Time to the Right Country

It would be naive to think that immigration policies and the resident population’s attitude toward newcomers will remain the same forever. Immigration is directly linked to the economic and political situations around the world. Both these play a major role in the decision-making process of when and to which country to immigrate to. Host governments keep changing their policies depending on political and economic circumstances. Therefore, it is prudent to make the decision to move when a country’s immigration policies are favourable. The process will take time, depending on your status and the country you want to emigrate to. That gives you time to decide whether you want to make the faithful move. Even after you clear the process, you get some time to decide about your next move.  

Australia, New Zealand and Canada are the popular destinations for Indian immigrants. While it is becoming a little tougher to qualify to immigrate to Australia and New Zealand, Canada still welcomes immigrants with open arms.

Canada is a country of immigrants. In the last few decades, it has established itself as a preferred destination for skilled immigrants and for a good reason. Being a very large country (the second largest) with relatively a very small, ageing and slow-growing population, Canada needs people with all types of skills to keep its economy booming. It has a slew of immigration channels that you can choose from based on your circumstances. Once you understand which channel suits you the best, start your preparations to emigrate.

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