Wondering How to Get a Work Visa for Canada?

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How do I get a work visa for Canada?
Image courtesy: IRCC website

Canada has a very open and welcoming immigration policy. It is rich in natural resources, which places the country among the top few developed countries.

Canada recognizes the need to welcome more immigrants to grow its economy and has very immigrants friendly policies. Besides, it also looks at temporary foreign workers to fill skills gaps in the labour market. That is the basis for the Canada work visa for foreign nationals. In this article, we discuss how to get a work visa for Canada.  This is a visa issued to foreign permanent and temporary workers, students and other skilled professionals for a specific period. It is an excellent option for foreign workers who would like to live and work in Canada.   

Why Should Foreign Workers Apply for a Canada Work Visa?

Canada work visa

For one,  it allows applying for a permanent residency at a later date. The second and significant advantage is that those with hard-to-find skill sets that are in demand by Canadian employers can look forward to a tidy income. Working in Canada lets you earn in dollars and maybe get more income than you are currently making in your own country. The third is that if you are interested in seeing and exploring new countries, this allows exploring this beautiful country.

Coming as a temporary foreign worker is different from coming as an immigrant with an offer of Permanent Residency. A Permanent Resident (PR) does not have to have a job offer on hand when he applies for PR. It is also simple to get a job in Canada from India with PR. You are free to choose the location, industry, employer and profession if you are a permanent resident. But as a foreign temporary worker, you will be required to have a job offer from a Canadian employer to be eligible to apply for a Work Visa. There will be some skills that cannot be filled by a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. It is to fill such skills gaps that an employer is allowed to hire a foreign worker. A Canadian employer can then hire a worker on a temporary work visa. After the employer completes the process of obtaining necessary approvals, he issues a job offer to a foreign worker. The foreign worker then applies for a temporary work visa for Canada based on this offer of employment by a Canadian employer.

Can I get a Job Offer in Canada Without a PR?

Can I get a job offer in Canada without a PR?

If you are wondering whether you can get a job offer in Canada without pr, here it is! The temporary work visa! Now, do you require a visa to work in Canada? While most foreigners need a work permit to work in Canada, there are a few exceptions. These exceptions depend on the nature of work that one wants to do in Canada. See if you need a work permit for Canada. 

Canada Work Permit Eligibility from India

Canada work permit eligibility from India

Like in other countries, in Canada too, there is a high demand for skills that Indian software and other technical professionals bring.  So, stop worrying if you can get a software job in Canada from India. Several Indian companies are operating in Canada, and it is common here to see Indian professionals working for their companies from India, on a Canada Work Permit.

It is a significant step that you take in your career. Hence,  it is essential to do your research about a temporary work visa and talk to a licenced immigration consultant. Such study and discussions will help you know which one is the right work permit for your situation, what are the eligibility criteria, whether or not you can bring your family with you and many other issues.

Canada issues two types of work permits. The two types are the Employer-specific work permit and the Openwork permit. What is the difference between the two?  There are significant differences that are related to your work in Canada.

Employer-Specific Work Permit 

The Employer-Specific work permit is what it says – it is specific to an employer who has sponsored the foreign worker. It also has a valid operating time and the location of work.        

The temporary work visas are issued based on the assessment of the need for skills under the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). An employer completes specific steps and obtains a Labour Market Impact Assessment. He then issues an offer of employment to a foreign worker. Based on this, he issues an offer of employment number to include in the application for the visa. From a candidate’s side, he should make sure that he has both these copies, which go with the application for a work visa.  

Openwork Permit

An open work permit lets a foreigner work for any employer in Canada, except for one that is listed as ineligible and offers certain kinds of services. A foreigner can get an open work permit in specific situations.

Requirements for a Temporary Work Visa for Canada?

Temporary work visa for Canada

It depends on whether you are applying from within Canada or from outside Canada. Some requirements are common to both situations and the type of applications made. They are:

  • The applicant must prove to an officer that he will leave Canada when the work permit expires
  •  and that he has sufficient money to take care of his family in Canada.
  • Law-abiding: The applicant must obey the law and have no record of criminal activity or history.
  • He should not be a danger to Canada’s security, must be in good health and have a medical exam, if needed
  • Obviously, a foreign worker will not be allowed to work for an “ineligible” employer, who has failed to comply with the conditions for hiring foreign workers.
  • He is not planning to work for an employer who, regularly, offers striptease, erotic dance, escort services or erotic massages, and
  • Be ready to give the officer any other documents they ask to prove you can enter the country.

If You Apply from Inside Canada

This allows international students or those who have completed their studies in a Canadian university or an eligible school, spouses, and parents of foreign temporary workers ora permanent resident or a citizen to apply. Refugee claimants, and those who are waiting for a decision on a PR application.

If You Apply From Outside Canada

A candidate who is applying for a work visa from outside Canada has to meet the visa office requirements. These requirements vary depending on what country or territory the application is made from. Check if you meet all eligibility criteria and click here for instructions on how to go about it.

Can I get a software job in Canada from India?

Can I get a software job in Canada from India?

Since the visa requirements are dependent on the country you are applying for, here is a helpful link to check what you need for applying from India.

These days there is a demand for software engineers. Indian IT services companies and Indian software professionals have established their presence in almost all countries across the globe. Canada is also embracing technology in all sectors and needs technical people to help it move ahead. So if your questions are, “Can I get a software job in Canada from India?” Our answer is, “yes. You can surely get a job through a Canadian employer,” or ask your Indian company to place you in a project in Canada. Once you are in Canada on a work permit, you will be eligible to apply for Permanent Residency.

Many professionals are working for non-Canadian companies that are operating in Canada. For example, many software engineers and Information Technology professionals are working for Indian companies such as  TCS. These professionals are already living and working in Canada, along with their spouse or dependent children. The spouses of such people, along with some other types of temporary residents in Canada can apply for a temporary work visa from within Canada. Also, a student,  a person with a  temporary six-months-valid resident permit, and a person planning to claim refugee status can apply for a work permit from inside Canada.

 If you are applying from India, here is a link to check more details to know more about Canada’s work permit eligibility from India. If you are an entrepreneur, you could also come in on a start-up visa.

What is the general work visa processing time?

Applying from outside Canada gives an advantage to candidates in terms of processing time. If your application is Global Skills Strategy-eligible, the Canada visa work permit processing time will be reduced to just two weeks. 

Canada work visa processing time.jpg

What is the Global Skills Strategy?

Global skills strategy is a priority processing system for eligible candidates. The system was implemented by the IRCC to help Canadian employers find highly skilled workers faster. The plan features faster application processing times, work permit exemptions and enhanced customer service.

The main requirement to be eligible under the Global skills strategy is that the applicant should be applying from outside Canada. There are two categories under this strategy, and the requirements vary under the two types

If you need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA): You should have a  positive LMIA through the Global Talent Stream of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. 

If you don’t need an LMIA or are LMIA-exempt: If your status does not need an LMIA, you will be eligible for two-week processing if you meet the following conditions: You are submitting from outside Canada, that your job is a particular skill type, as defined in the National Occupational Classification system, and the employer who is sponsoring you has completed the necessary formalities.

Applications for a visitor visa, work permit and study permit come under this.  Under this spouse, common-law partner and dependent children are also eligible for two-week processing on applications. Here is where to go to find out if you can benefit from the Global Skills Strategy’s two-week application processing.

One other type of temporary work visa is the International Experience Canada (IEC) temporary work visa, which is focused on youth. The aim of this type is to provide an opportunity for them to travel and work in Canada. To be eligible for this, usually, you must be a Canadian or foreign youth aged 18 to 35, while for some countries, the age limit is 18 to 29 or 30 years old.

Download  Canada Work Permit Application Form

Canada work permit application form download

As you are now aware, there are two critical requirements for applying to Canada work visa. 1. You should meet all eligibility criteria for Canada work visa as well as a general Canadian visa and 2. Should have received an employment offer from an eligible Canadian employer. Once you are sure that you are likely to apply,  check the documents you need to start your application. You may click here to download  Canada work permit application form

The advantage of working on a temporary work visa is that if you are eligible,  you get to apply for Permanent Residency, which will lead to Canadian citizenship. Once you have completed your application, after ensuring that you meet all eligibility criteria, you may check here for actions after you apply. Good luck!

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